Natural Alternatives For Your Health and Well-Being

Natural Alternatives For Your Health and Well-Being

A higher quality of life!


A higher quality of life!



On a search for optimal health?  Then you have come to the right place!  

My passion and commitment to your health and wellness is to lead you on an inner journey in discovering your authentic self thru thought-provoking topics, inspiration and fun exercises to enhance your mind, body and soul. 

Infinite energy is always around us-learn to tap into it.

On our journey thru life there are many aspects, some are fun, some are not.  

As you peruse this site, bear in mind that everything is always changing and what may have been a good idea one day, may not be a good idea the next day.  I have been studying, searching and implementing natural alternative ways to stay healthy for over 40 years.  This site is an accumulation of my research and practicing on myself.  The methods I offer here have worked for me and many others who have left me testimonials. 

Topics include information about how to take care of your eyes more naturally to Master cleanses, spa health, recycling responsibly as well as different healing modalities and so much more that I have found to be very useful in keeping me healthy. 

Please take your time, look around this site and see what resonates with you.  

                Today's Challenge:

          Make a list of 300 things you are grateful for: 

           100 things you have 

          100 qualities your possess 

         and 100 things you've done in your life 

          You will be amazed at what a treasure chest your lif

Treasure maps lead to a life full of discoveries!

Treasure maps lead to a life full of discoveries!


I stumbled across your website.  It really give a simple and more understandable  way to learn about the  "bigger and better" ideas of the universe.  I really enjoyed it and added it to my favorites.  Ms. Wiley---

I absolutely love your website.  It is quite inspirational and does me good  I have a women's group that gathers every Wednesday and the material that is in your website is perfect for us.  Thanks for uplifting, healing and insightful information. ---C. Chape

I just came from visiting your website and would like to take this opportunity to say, "Thank-you".  I had a fabulous time!  Your topics are very informative and you have much to offer.  ---Adrien (Reiki Master/teacher) 

While meandering my way through cyberspace, I was blessed enough to happen upon your site.  Found it quite impressive and of great interest. --- M. Teal, Psychic and Spiritual Advisor in Canada.

I just wanted to let you know I just visited your website for the first time and very much enjoyed it.  I printed several things and will recommend your site to my friends. ---R. Styles

I have to say that I love your website!  I have it as my home page.  The simplicity is great and things are explained in an understandable manner. ---L. Blue